Woman discovers her Tinder match is married so she confronts him with the truth by offering to invite his wife to their date

A woman who discovered her Tinder match was actually a married man decided to surprise him.

TikTok user, Nadiyah took to the platform to narrate how she clicked with a man on Tinder and they planned a date.

He told her he was really eager for a date and promised to buy her flowers, but before committing Nadiyah decided to look him up on Facebook and quickly discovered he’d been married for seven months and had six children.

Even worse, his wife had recently shared a Facebook post celebrating their love ahead of Valentine’s Day by answering questions about their relationship.

The man had told Nadiyah he was a “one lady kind of man” while trying to entice her with a relationship.

Nadiyah kept her cool and decided to tease him by hinting she was “open-minded” and wanted to a friend along to their date for “something sexual”.

When he agreed, she shocked him by sending him a screenshot of him with his wife.

“With his wife as my special guest of honor,” Nadiyah wrote as she shared screenshots of the chat to TikTok.

Seeing that he was caught, he simply replied: “Smooth”.

When Nadiyah confronted him about the dishonesty he said he was “going through some things and not ready to tell you yet”.

She tells viewers: “At no point did he decide to apologise.

“So I decided to let Tiktok have a field day with it.”

The video has gone viral and received lots of comments, with many people praising Nadiyah for catching her date out.

See their chats below.

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