Lady who met and had s*x with a man on their first date celebrates their wedding (photo)

A lady who had sex with a man on their first date has taken to her Twitter handle to celebrate their wedding.

The lady with the Twitter handle, Jania_Aiko posted a photo from her wedding day on her handle and wrote;

Men: a woman who fucks/sucks on the first date not wifey material Me, who fucked on the first date:

She added that she is now a housewife and dog mom who’s about to have a master’s degree.

 ”I gotta mute this now — It’s blowing up my notifications

Moral of the story: We grown. Fuck who you wanna fuck or wait if you wanna wait. Do what works for you! Just don’t let anyone use that to determine whether or not you deserve respect/commitment.”

Her post kicked off a debate in her comment section as some pointed out that just because it worked for her doesn’t mean it would for other women. Other couples who also got married after having s*x on the first date shared their story. See their exchange below

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