Mum finds venomous snake in daughter’s bedroom after mistaking it for shoelace

A mother almost picked up a venomous snake in her daughter’s bedroom, believing it was a shoelace.

The woman, called Meg, was tidying up her daughter’s room when she saw what she thought was a shoe lace. Before picking it up, she turned the light on just to check what it was and she realised it was actually a snake

She told 2GB: “I thought it was a shoelace … I was actually going to pick it up and then I thought ‘oh I’d just turn the light on and see what it is’.”

In footage of her looking at the snake, her daughter can be heard saying “It’s okay, it’s so cute.”

They managed to catch the snake in a container and put it outside under a tree.

The snake is believed to have been a golden-crowned snake and their venom is relatively mild.

Watch the video below.

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