Read the truth on how Sujimoto funded a $52 million project, The LucreziaBySujimoto

In 2019, I was dead broke. I had just spent millions on the #SujimotoIs5 event, which put Lagos at a standstill.

The foundation and piling of the Lucrezia was taking billions, we had 2 other major projects that was killing me financially. Society was watching and failure wasn’t an option. A friend and egbon approached me to sell the Lucrezia’s penthouse. After negotiation, we agreed 2.5M USD and he made me leave NYC to meet him in Dubai, but he didn’t show up.

I was desperate and devastated. When I returned to Lagos, he apologized and we kept having series of meetings. At last, he did not buy, but we were lucky. We found a magnanimous bank, (Providus) which despite all odds, gave us the capital, not only to continue the project but to complete it!

After we completed the foundation in November 2020, the LucreziaBySujimoto is now on the 6th floor, the fastest of its kind. The same penthouse we offered the egbon in 2019 at 2.5m is now selling for 8.5M USD!

Don’t allow anyone to use their bread to lick your soup. No one can design your destiny except you. Whatever the Almighty has for everyone will surely come to pass.

– Sijibomi Ogundele, LL.B

MD, Sujimoto Construction Ltd

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