‘Catch me if you can’ – Wanted man taunts police officers as he comments under his mugshot after going on the run

A wanted man took to Facebook to taunt police officers by commenting below his own mugshot ‘catch me if you can’ after going on the run.

20-year-old Jordan Carr is being hunted by Bedfordshire Police in connection with an incident in late January last year.

After his mugshot and an appeal describing him as approximately 6ft tall was put out on Facebook, a profile under his name later posted the five-word mockery, living many users bemused by his audacity.

Carr was sentenced to a total of one year’s detention in a Young Offender’s Institution in August last year after admitting possession of a ‘zombie knife’ at Croydon Crown Court.

It wasn’t revealed why he is no longer behind bars but it is likely he served half his sentence behind bars before being released on licence. He is also wanted on recall to prison, Bedfordshire Police have said.

The audacious comment attracted mixed reactions from many users with one saying he deserves a pardon for his humour. 

Andy Watson said: ‘I don’t know what you did Jordan but you deserve a pardon for your humour. Good luck.’

Jonny Gibbs joked: ‘Bro if you need a place to hide more than welcome to hide here.’

David Joyce said: ‘I believe he handed himself in for the reward… he said he’ll do a ten stretch easy if he knows he’s got £250 to get out to!!’

David Hartfield commented: ‘Funny haha. You think you’re a hard man and you will get caught. And [I] hope they put you away for a long time.’

Rohit Gami said: ‘About as funny as an episode of Panorama.’

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