Ex-convict shook hands with three men in Queens before shooting fourth dead, prosecutors say

A former prisoner greeted three men in Queens, New York with handshakes before fatally shooting the man standing next to them, prosecutors said.

Kevin “Cuzzo” Edwards was charged Monday, March 1, in connection with the Feb. 8, 2020, slaying of Dontae Hambrick, 34, a Bronx father of three.

Edwards drove around 12:15 p.m. in a Volkswagen SUV to Northern Blvd. and 101st St. in North Corona, where Hambrick was standing and holding an electric scooter next to three men, according  to prosecutors.

Edwards, wearing all black, reportedly got out and shook hands with the three men before allegedly opening fire on the victim with a pistol.

Prosecutors released a surveillance photo of the shooter with his gun drawn and Hambrick crouched next to his scooter which led to his arrest.

Edwards shot Hambrick multiple times in the torso and legs, then walked back to his car and drove off as the victim collapsed, according to the complaint.

He later died.

The victim’s 12-year-old son in a Monday interview said he missed his dad .

“I just miss him,” Dontae Hambrick Jr. said.

 “We liked to go outside, played games and basketball.”

As for the suspect, Dontae Jr. said.

“I hate him,” he said.

Investigators determined Edwards’ car was just a block from the murder scene minutes before the shots were fired, prosecutors said.

Edwards was arrested in Queens in January when cops pulled him over for excessively tinted windows.

They found marijuana in the car and found a firearm in the front seat, according to a separate federal criminal complaint filed that month.

He was charged with being a felon in possession of a weapon. 

Edwards has been on home confinement in Queens, on $200,000 bail since the January arrest.

The feds on Monday charged him with being a felon in possession of ammunition for the six shots of 40-caliber bullets he allegedly fired at the scene of the murder.

 Assistant U.S. Attorney Jack Dennehy told the judge. “The defendant shot a man dead in broad daylight on the street in Queens. … He pulled out a gun and without any cursory words or interactions shot him dead, including in the back.”

Edwards’ lawyer, Michael Soshnick denied his client was the killer. “My client did not murder anyone,” 

Magistrate Judge Peggy Kuo increased Edwards’ bail to $250,000 and said;

“I don’t see a reason to impose additional restrictions on him,” 

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