“I can’t wait.” – Anthony Joshua teases undisputed megafight with Tyson Fury as he offers rare praise towards rival

Heavyweight boxing champion,Anthony Joshua has offered some rare praise to rival Tyson Fury and his team ahead of an imminent announcement for their megafight. 

Representatives for both fighters have been deep in negotiations as they both aim to be the undisputed best heavyweight fighter in the world.

Joshua is the WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight champion of the world while Fury is the WBC, Ring magazine and Lineal heavyweight champion of the world.

After Aj’s promoter Eddie Hearn announced this week that the fight will be announced soon, the British-Nigerian fighter has now praised Fury while saying he can’t wait to be the best fighter in the heavyweight category. 

AJ said on a JD Sports live stream: “June should be the date.

“Trust me. For the fans, for the people that have been calling it on for many, many months.

“Shoutout to Fury and his team as well, hungry go-getters, that’s what we are.

“UK stand up. And to the world – we’re bringing it.

“I can’t wait. Undisputed.”

Hearn told Boxing Social last week: “Tyson Fury’s gonna get his wish. We are in, we are in.

“Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

“The undisputed king is going to be Anthony Joshua and this fight will happen…

“This fight is on, trust me.”

But the respect between both camps not always been mutual.

Tyson’s father John Fury, a former fighter himself, had some strong words for Hearn over the weekend.

“I don’t know him but he seems a bit arrogant to me,” John told iFL TV.

“Cracked up the ear hole. Thats’s what you get round me in a second.

“I pull rank on them kind of people because I can.

He added: “He’s not going to talk to me like that because I’ll stretch him.

“I’ll spank him like a kid and I don’t care if he sees this or not because it’s true.

“I don’t take the bulls*** mate, sign the document! You have it in front of you, sign it!

“Sign the f***ing contract.”

Hearn responded by telling iFL TV: “You know I’m scared by big John Fury. Can he just not do it too hard?

“John Fury’s going to get his wish and we’re going to have a lot of fun in the build-up to the biggest fight in boxing.”

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