Newly married woman finds out her husband who refused to take her to his “duplex to avoid temptation” lives in an uncompleted building

Apostle Johnson Suleman took to Twitter to ask his followers what advice they’ll give a newly married woman who discovered after the wedding that her husband lives in an uncompleted building, not in a duplex as he claimed.

He explained that the man always met the woman in public places and said he didn’t want to take her to his house to avoid temptation. 

After the wedding, when he finally took her home, she discovered home is an uncompleted building. 

Suleman wrote: “A young man was engaged to a lady for 3yrs.They always met at eateries. He kept telling her that to avoid temptation,he wouldn’t to take her to his well  furnished duplex. After marriage,she found out he was living in an uncompleted building. She wants to call it off. Advise.”

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