“So it’s not ‘I’m coming home, it’s ‘goodbye?” Girlfriend of Twitter influencer, Tunde, who allegedly committed suicide mourns him as she narrates how the news was relayed to her

The girlfriend of Tunde, aka Tuneri, a Twitter influencer who friends say committed suicide yesterday, March 10, has taken to Twitter to mourn him.

Tunde died just one day after complaining about money issues (read here).

His girlfriend, Adetola, narrated how the news was broken to her.

She said she received a call and the caller was asking for her man’s password. When she asked why the caller can’t just ask Tunde himself for the password, she was told that he has died.

She said she immediately called Tunde’s phone, only to hear someone else’s voice.

Mourning him, she said she had called him before she took her afternoon nap on Wednesday, March 10, but before she woke up, he had passed.

She shared a series of tweets mourning him and remembering their life together, including how he used to stay awake with her into the night as she bakes.

Read her tweets below from the bottom to the top.

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