“What if I have fibroids or just had a miscarriage?” – Ex-Governor, Ohakim’s daughter-in-law fires back at a womb watcher

Obiageli Ohakim, the daughter-in-law of former Imo State Governor, Ikedi Ohakim, has slammed a member of the association of womb watchers, who asked if she was pregnant. 

The mother of two and corporate lawyer had on Thursday morning, March 18, posted a Reel video of herself modeling some clothes. 

An Instagram user “@iamawomanoftruth commented on the video, asking if Oby was pregnant. Oby immediately fired back. 

“What if I have fibroids? Or some medical condition? Or I just had a miscarriage and I don’t want to talk about it. Y’all gotta be more sensitive man. Anyway, na food o. I ‘m not pregnant. It’s a burger baby” she said. 

The woman apologised saying that she is a fan and meant no offence. Oby accepted her apology and said she also used to make same mistake but has learnt to be more sensitive.  

“Totally understand. I used to make the same mistake but over the years learnt to be more sensitive because people be going through IT abs you wont even know. Thank you. Apology well accepted.” she added. 

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