Little girl from Adawama state found stranded after she was brought to Lagos by unknown woman

An aide to the Adamawa State Governor, Miracle Musa, is seeking for useful information on how to locate the family of a child stranded in Lagos. 

The girl who identified herself simply as Rabo said that an unknown woman brought her to Lagos from Adamawa state. Anyone with useful information should contact Rev. Musa James on the phone number in the post below. 

“A Child Stranded In Lagos. Her name is Rabo, she was found stranded without care. She understand Hausa a little bit, but could not speak in English. She said that one lady brought her to Lagos from Adamawa (Koma by tribe). We are presently making an effort to connect her to her parents or guardians pls. Help us to announce on your platform pls. In case this the contact to locate the girl 08187676290 Rev. Musa James, Jakande, Lekki. “

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