Assault scandal: CCT chairman asked me to use ‘Biafran boys’ in his response – Spokesman

Ibraheem Al-Hassan, spokesperson of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) Chairman Danlandi Umar has alleged that his principal told him to use ‘Biafran boys’ in his statement which served as a response to the assault incident he was involved in. 

The CCT Chairman had been spotted in a five-minute video that has gone viral online, slapping and kicking a yet-to-be-identified security guard, while police officers suspected to be attached to him were trying to restrain him.

Reacting to the outrage attachment of “Biafran boys” in the statement released after the incident, Al-Hassan told ICIR that he was under pressure when he wrote the statement.

 Al-Hassan also alleged that the CCT was considering disowning the statement because of the controversy it has generated. The publication wrote in its report after the interview “He revealed that his boss instructed him to use ‘Biafran boys’ in the statement. The PRO said he later realised his mistake.”

The CCT Chairman spokesperson also said; 

 “There’s a problem with that statement. In fact, we are about disowning it. We want to retract the content because it was written under intense pressure. I must confess to you, that is why there are many structural imbalances, language structure not being perfect and, again, some of the expressions used. I acted on instruction.

 “Now as I am speaking with you, I’m in my ministry. My ministry has summoned me for that statement.  My minister, so to say, through my director. So, I should be given some time to get this problem solved.

“All the grammatical errors and what have you were not noted. I did not proofread it, I was in the car when I composed it with my android (phone).”

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